Early Roots


Early Roots is a drug-free intervention program for children with learning, behavioral, social, or emotional problems. We assess each child for signs of immaturity in the central nervous system, also known as Neuro-developmental delay (NDD). We look to find the lowest point of breakdown in their development and then we create a program that works up from there. This allows us to target the root problem rather than focusing on the symptoms. The program itself is done mostly at home. Once we see what a child needs, we will give exercises for parents to do at home with their kids. As they progress through the program your child will come back for follow-up visits every two months so we can monitor their progress and make adjustments.

Common Symptoms of Neuro-Developmental Delay (NDD)

 Poor emotional control
 Sensory sensitivities
 Anxiety
 Anger
 Meltdowns/over-reactions
 Difficulty with reading and writing
 Difficulty with math
 Difficulty following multiple directions
 Poor attention
 Difficulty staying still
 Poor balance and coordination
 Poor social skills
 Much more

Every child who comes in to Early Roots is a little bit different. Their symptoms depend on which brain and body systems are not working properly and how each child has learned to cope. We always tailor the program to meet each child’s individual needs.

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Resource #1

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