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Christian Light Education


Your curriculum should make your life easier, not harder.

Homeschooling in the whirlwind of everyday life is not easy. On top of that, both you and your student feel frustrated when your curriculum seems to be working against you. The stress affects the whole family as it spills over into the rest of family life.

Christian Light homeschool curriculum may be a fit for your family if:

• You don’t have time to do lesson prep for multiple students.
• You admire values such as family, community, hard work, simplicity, and service.
• Your children get enough screen time without doing schoolwork on a computer too.
• You are looking for a traditional workbook-based curriculum.

Read these comments from homeschool moms using Christian Light:

“So well organized, makes it so much easier for a busy Momma. My Kids actually learn and learn very well!”
“The workbooks are SO convenient for using at home or taking with us. The pages are pleasant but not overly colorful or distracting. And a lot of the content is “grounded” and “meaningful” rather than fluffy. (For example, math problems about real-world situations, stories that promote good moral thinking.)”
“For Reading, Language Arts, and Math, this is the most straightforward, affordable, wholesome, thorough and rigorous, yet incrementally gentle curriculum I have come across.”
“The kids can be self sufficient with it—it’s designed to be independent. It’s open and go-no prep.”
“Solid academically and biblically. Instructions and teaching written to the student to foster independence. Portable. Lots of built-in review.”
“The small workbooks gives my kids more motivation… (not as daunting as a 400 page book)”
“Biblically rich, user friendly (simple layout, easy to teach, organized)”

No family should be stuck using ineffective curriculum.

You can browse hundreds and hundreds of sample pages from Christian Light workbooks at

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Resource #1

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