Are you giving your children the right worldview in their education curriculum?

Many families do not realize that the curriculum they have chosen for their children actually conveys the wrong worldview, history, science, life’s purpose, and truth. It should not be surprising then to discover that 80-95% of teens growing up in Christian homes are abandoning a biblical worldview in this generation.

The time has come to teach every subject from a Christian worldview perspective. It’s time to redefine a distinctively Christian approach to education.

Generations is pleased to introduce the Christian Discipleship Curriculum. We don’t think the Christian worldview should be conveyed in a single isolated course. The Christian worldview must be integrated into every course, every school year, and every hour of our children’s education experience. It must hang like a “frontlet between their eyes”, as they study history, science, literature, and math. (Deut. 6:8-9)

The Core Curriculum for Passing on the Faith to Your Children

The Christian Discipleship Curriculum presents the “Core Curriculum” for 8th-12th grade, focusing on five core areas of study: History, Literature, Worldview & Culture, Bible and Christian Character. These areas of study comprise the “core curriculum” for passing on the faith to the next generation.

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