Christian Homeschool Curriculum to Help You Follow God’s Method of Education

Give Your Children a Well-Rounded Education, Prepare Them for Life, and Position Them to Lead Their Families In the Next Generation

What You Can Do with the Christian Discipleship Curriculum:

1. Teach a God-centered view of life
The fatal mistake made by humanist curriculum is that man is at the center of everything. The Christian Discipleship approach must put God at the center.

2. Integrate the Bible…everywhere!
We call this “frontlet” curriculum. The frontlet is like God’s truth hanging before our children’s eyes, integrated into their curriculum, their hearts, and their lives. This is our hope and prayer.

3. Follow God’s method of family discipleship
Discipleship isn’t a minor aspect of education; it’s one of its most essential elements. We present our curriculum as specifically geared toward “Family Discipleship Centers.” That’s a fancy description for . . . your home!

4. Combine learning with worship and life application
One of the most dangerous, deadening, and wasteful elements of modern education is that it leaves out worship, reverence for God, prayer, and life application. In contrast, we don’t want students to go through more than a page or two without seeing the usefulness of the material they are studying . . . the awesomeness of God and the praiseworthiness of His works!

Resource #1

Resource #1

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Resource #2

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