Summit Ministries

Summit Ministries


Grow in Your Faith. Get the Confidence to Live it Out.
Your next cultural encounter is right around the corner. Gain the confidence to share your faith!

The Christian worldview answers the questions the world is asking. Summit Ministries knows the pressures you face in culture when sharing the Truth of Scripture. You are not alone in your pursuit of Truth.

Engage in a Summit experience to deepen your understanding of the world around you and how to make a defense for your faith. You can be confident that the Christian worldview has the deep answers you are looking for. No matter where you find yourself today, when Truth shapes how you view the world, you can engage in any conversation with anyone about any topic.

“If we can understand how Truth really did change everything in the past, then we can more clearly see what we lose in abandoning it and what we could gain by reclaiming it.” -Jeff Myers, Truth Changes Everything.

Start conversations. The world needs to hear your voice. Summit will help you develop a worldview that will draw people into deeper conversations and bring hope to your world.


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