Books for HIS glory

Books for HIS glory


A ‘Deuteronomy 6’ Journey Resource…

In “Please Turn on the Light,” Rachel learns through playing “I Spy” for God that His presence brings about peace. And that when she trusted Jesus, He empowered her with His always-on, internal ‘Night-Light’ Who is more powerful than the darkness around her!

This meaningful story will help your child:

…create a biblical template for a life-long pattern of thinking.

…confidently take ‘steps of faith’ and record them in a provided journal.

…learn about the roles of the Trinity in Creation, Redemption and Sanctification.

…become familiar with Scripture that supports every principle.

“I love the content of this book and Jen’s writing style. She is theologically on point and practically helpful to parents. If you’re a parent or know parents of young children, get this book…and watch God at work!” ~Dean Fulks, lead pastor of Lifepoint Church

“This book helps me put my child’s hand in Jesus’ hand and give the foundational truths that will carry them all their lives. It even helps establish in my heart what I’ve learned through years of Bible study!” ~Gina White, Mother, Elementary Education

“I love this book! …I want this book on my bookshelf so I can read it very often.”
~Hazel White, Age 6

Author, and guest speaker, Jen Ashcraft, is a graduate of Cedarville University and lives in Ohio with her husband, their two children, a sneaky dog, and a Garfield-like cat. Like Rachel in the story, Jen has seen God’s faithfulness to reveal His presence, light, and peace in many a fearful situation in her own life. Jen has served God as a middle school Bible teacher and currently serves Him in an international Bible study. She enjoys being used by God to encourage people of all ages to trust God’s faithfulness and power.

Resource #1

Resource #1

"Please Turn on the Light!" by Jen Ashcraft (Ages: 5-12)

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