LEAP: Licensed Educational Achievement Professionals

LEAP: Licensed Educational Achievement Professionals



…STRUGGLING with how to help your children?

…OVERWHELMED with how best to parent them?

…STRESSED because of struggles with learning?

…CONFUSED about how to help them thrive?

If this sounds like you, LEAP is here to help. With 20 years of professional experience in the public and private sectors, LEAP is committed to coming alongside children and parents to empower the next generation to become the exceptional individuals they are meant to be.

LEAP offers consultation, counseling, and evaluation services to help children and families transform their frustrations and struggles into triumphs and victories. The result is greater hope, confidence, and peace as families experience breakthroughs in the road to thriving and wholeness.

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“Joanna has been a lifesaver for our family. We reach out to her whenever we have a difficult behavioral challenge, hard situation with school, parenting style disagreement, or just need help understanding our children’s developmental stages and building positive habits in the home… She helped us navigate homeschooling during COVID, set boundaries around tech time, teach our kids positive skills for emotional regulation and communication, and set up our kids for success and resilience….I recommend Joanna to every parent, aunt, grandparent or caregiver who wants concrete, practical, and research-based strategies and tools.”

“Joanna is extraordinary in the way that she blends professional scientific knowledge and empathic care for people as individuals. When I came to her, I felt like I was receiving the best of both worlds of both her head and heart… Joanna patiently listened to my heartache, then gave me some very practical, step by step guidance for our daughter… With these tools under our belt, we were able to help our daughter manage and cope… and be able to grow resilience as she deepened friendships and enjoyed the same activities as her friends. We are so grateful for Joanna and the enduring impact she has made upon our family!”

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